I’d like to take the opportunity here to express my deep appreciation to all the folks who have been good enough to support us throughout this past year, and indeed for our last ten years! It still astonishes me how one fellow, with just a couple of helpers, can sell 1500+ boats in that time to folks all across western Canada! It seems we start out as vendor/purchaser and end up as friends more often than not! You guys are the best!

Those who have followed our site know that now is the time the ‘ol Leisure Liquidator heads south for a while. I have done as I always have and filled my buildings with boats and pontoons, both new and used, ready for the 2015 selling season. For us that season starts January 1st, when the wiser pre-season buyers make their move when selection is high and prices aren’t!

I am truly humbled by your continued support and wish each and every one of you a Blessed Christmas and all the prosperity possible in the New Year!

Remember, just because I am away doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a great buy (heck I’m the easiest guy in the world to get along with when I’m basking in the sun, as long as it’s not on “a bad golf day”)¬† I will be responding daily to texts and emails!



Here’s a last¬†challenge for you. Do you think you can save money on a pontoon model we carry by going south? Show us a written offer and if we cannot match it I will donate $500 to the charity of your choice! I believe in my pricing that much and if I’m wrong I sure believe in at least doing some good in the world!

We offer prompt delivery right across the prairies and now we can even offer you finance plans on our new pontoons! (with your good credit rating of course) I am also pleased to let you know we have expanded our commitment to serving Western Canada even better by now having sales agents in Saskatchewan and Alberta. You Albertans can as always call Myron at 780-940-8551 and visit in Tofield or order anything you see in these pages and now our Saskatchewan friends can call Jarrett at 306-551-8998 and stop by in Regina or likewise order anything you may find here.

Make your visions of peaceful Summer days on the water a reality. Make it affordable. Make the call!!

My Thanks,
Graham Cameron


By the way;

For any of you that don’t know (and it’s probably the world’s worst kept secret) our Grand Island pontoons are built by one of North America’s most established and trusted builders. We simply “house brand” them at the request of other dealers who do not like our volume driven discount pricing.

They say quality is priceless but every now and then you can find that quality simply “priced-less!”


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