To my valued friends and clients (casual “browsers” too!)


Many of you are nice enough to get in touch with me letting me know how entertained you are with my home page write ups and individual ad copy. I so much appreciate that, it is a real “tip of the hat” to my Mom who was so keen with a turn of the phrase and passed that along to me!


I would never want to let anybody down so take this as my official apology for the brief statement provided here. The fact is it has been a long season and although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dealing with all of the new and repeat clients (and those amazing referral  sales!) I’m just plain tuckered out and within one hour of this writing boarding a plane for warmer climes!


My catalogue of available boats looks thin here too but be assured I have better than 35 units here and will be updating the site upon my return in the New Year. In the meantime I invite you to contact my assistant, Jose, at 204-558-8877 and will be able to look after you completely and to your satisfaction.


In the meantime, I wish you and yours the very happiest of Holidays, Merry Christmas and a truly prosperous New Year!





As we have always done these 16 years+ now, IF you have a lower written quote from ANY dealer, in ANY country, for the same new pontoon and we can’t better it I will donate $500 in your name to the charity of your choice. (I’m a little torn here because in all these years I’ve never had to do that so the Scotsman in me is fiercely proud but the humanitarian in me is a bit embarrassed!)

Shipping available across the prairies, lowest possible pricing, and a true desire to see you make your own magical Summer memories. Let’s talk soon!

My Thanks,
Graham Cameron


It bears repeating, even after all these years;

For any of you that don’t know (and it’s probably the world’s worst kept secret) our most luxurious pontoons are built by one of North America’s most established and trusted builders. We simply “house brand” them at the request of other dealers who do not like our volume driven discount pricing.

They say quality is priceless but every now and then you can find that quality simply “priced-less!”


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