Fall (noun) the season when leaves drop from the trees

Fall  (verb) to drop ones self  to a lower  position

Both of these Webster’s definitions apply to Autumn in the boat business. Those of you who have followed our exploits this last decade know we adhere strictly to the prices coming down when the leaves start to do the same. It’s a policy that continually yields us strong sales, if not strong profits. You would also know then that we stock up greatly at this time of year in anticipation for the boom that starts again the day after New Years, but at sometime between now and then (usually around the beginning of November) I take off south for some much needed “down time.”

What does that mean for you? SAVINGS my friends, savings. Take a look through my catalog and do the slightest bit of comparison shopping. You’ll quickly realize we have the product and the price. The ONLY thing that will change is that after Jan 1st the temps may be lower but the prices go higher, because while we’d rather sell them than store them we(like everybody else) are cognizant of the basic rules of supply and demand, and we especially know how difficult it is to locate quality products for you at the right money.

As I mentioned above, I head south and just before I do I remove all this sale pricing from the site and we start fresh after New Years with more “pre-seasonal adjusted” figures, so take the time to browse through our catalogue. You are going to find whatever type, age, size, and power best for you. The one thing this diverse offering will share is a tremendous price offering! I really believe we will have you covered!

Speaking of “covered,” I am pleased to announce this year we will be offering REASONABLE winter storage right on sight. You can go indoors from $90 monthly or as little as $40 monthly in our secure outdoor compound. We listened to our customers requests and will also be offering cleaning, winterization, and shrink wrap services, making us your “one stop shop.” Spaces are limited however, so you should let us know now, and tell your boating pals too!

Here’s a last challenge for you. Do you think you can save money on a pontoon model we carry by going south? Show us a written offer and if we cannot match it I will donate $500 to the charity of your choice! I believe in my pricing that much and if I’m wrong I sure believe in at least doing some good in the world!

We offer prompt delivery right across the prairies and now we can even offer you finance plans on our new pontoons! (with your good credit rating of course) I am also pleased to let you know we have expanded our commitment to serving Western Canada even better by now having sales agents in Saskatchewan and Alberta. You Albertans can as always call Myron at 780-940-8551 and visit in Tofield or order anything you see in these pages and now our Saskatchewan friends can call Jarrett at 306-551-8998 and stop by in Regina or likewise order anything you may find here.

Make your visions of peaceful Summer days on the water a reality. Make it affordable. Make the call!!

My Thanks,
Graham Cameron


By the way;

For any of you that don’t know (and it’s probably the world’s worst kept secret) our Grand Island pontoons are built by one of North America’s most established and trusted builders. We simply “house brand” them at the request of other dealers who do not like our volume driven discount pricing.

They say quality is priceless but every now and then you can find that quality simply “priced-less!”


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