Your Leisure Liquidators

Big changes coming to our little company!

I am pleased as (put your own adjective here) to announce that in addition to Mr Jose Sanchez, we will now be joined by one Mr Jackson Cameron! If you’ve visited us before you know how welcoming and professional Jose is, and I can assure you Jackson is made of the same stuff! After turning 60 last Summer I thought it time to step back a bit and have the younger generation take the reins. (make no mistake however, I’m sure I will not be able to stop “hanging around” the place  and will always be available at the number below should I be needed!)

These fellows are kicking off things right, and have great offerings in pontoons (both new and used) runabouts, fishing boats and deck boats. There are 6000 sq ft of boats indoors and another 30 or so units still outside in the snow at the time of this writing so if you somehow still don’t see what you are after please get in touch and let us know your wants, we just may have it already!

While our long standing clients are aware we offer attractive bank finance to qualified buyers of new boats we are very pleased to announce we have secured avenues to get JUST ABOUT ANY boat you may see in these pages financed for you!! (o.a.c.) To get that ball rolling please call Jose at 204-558-8877.

That’s my speech for today people, thanks for taking the time to read and browse our catalog.  Hope to see you soon!

Please call Jackson Cameron at 204-781-4519 or Jose Sanchez (and yes, he speaks Spanish!) at 204-558-8877

My Thanks,
Graham Cameron

It bears repeating, even after all these years;

For any of you that don’t know (and it’s probably the world’s worst kept secret) our most luxurious pontoons are built by one of North America’s most established and trusted builders. We simply “house brand” them at the request of other dealers who do not like our volume driven discount pricing.

They say quality is priceless but every now and then you can find that quality simply “priced-less!”

Runabouts, Cuddies and specializing in Pontoons.

We are constantly working to have a selection of one-of-a-kind buys. Whether it’s a new non-current boat, or a unique type of craft, the Leisure Liquidator always has something interesting!

Call or check back often, and if you don’t see it, we’ll find it!